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National Security Education Program
4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 08F09-02
Alexandria, VA 22350-7000

Phone: 703-901-3026
Fax: 703-692-2615

Note: Our normal business hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST.  If you are unable to reach us, please leave a message and allow up to three business days for a response. 

For questions about the NSEP Service Requirement, please email or call 703-901-3026 or (571) 329-4075.

If you are interested in applying for a Boren award, please visit the Boren awards website for more information.



Dr. Michael A. NugentDirector, DLNSEO and Director, NSEP

Dr. Sam EisenDirector of Programs and Director, The Language Flagship

Dr. Kevin J. GormleyDirector, English for Heritage Language Speakers

Ms. Kaveri AdvaniProgram Manager, The Language Flagship

Ms. Aleia MaculamResearch Specialist

Ms. Eva CohnProgram Manager, The Language Flagship

Mr. Patrick NiceforoResearch Specialist

Mr. Thomas CuginiAnalytical and Administrative Support Services Specialist (Contractor)

Mr. Roy SavoyExecutive Liaison Support Officer (Contractor)

Mr. Ed McDermottSenior Program Manager, The Language Flagship

Ms. Alison PatzAssociate Director, Outreach and Service, Boren Awards

Ms. Fran BeallAdministrative Assistant

Ms. Shirley RapuesSenior Program Manager, Project GO and Language Training Centers

Ms. Shabnam AhmedAnalytical and Administrative Support Services Specialist (Contractor)

Ms. Erin PattersonAnalytical and Administrative Support Services Specialist (Contractor)

Ms. Jane VivianoProgram Assistant (Contractor)

Ms. Caitlin WileyResearch Specialist