NSEP Award Recipients as Global Professionals

What is a global professional?

While studying under an NSEP award, students combine a professional field of study, an understanding of one or more areas of the world outside of the United States, and proficiency in at least one critical foreign language and culture to develop acute intercultural abilities. This experience results in a highly-skilled pool of global professionals eager to contribute in agencies across the federal government.

How does NSEP define national security?

NSEP alumni have a perspective of how their interests relate to issues of national security. The NSEP definition of national security is both broad and diverse to include, among others, such varied issues as:

International and regional conflict Conflict resolution Peacekeeping
International trade Market penetration Export strategy
Export controls Economic competitiveness Human rights and humanitarian assistance  
Health and population issues Sustainable development Weapons of mass destruction 
Arms control Nuclear proliferation International drug trafficking 
Counter-proliferation Terrorism and counter-terrorism