The Language Flagship is grateful to work with future university students who have served in the United States Armed Forces and are planning their transition to college. You have protected our freedom, and we are here to help you get the most from your education.

The Language Flagship is a university-based undergraduate program that specializes in getting students to professional- level proficiency in a critical language by graduation. Flagship programs are open to students from all language backgrounds and from all majors. The Language Flagship currently sponsors 31 programs at 22 universities in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

Undergraduate Flagship Programs are designed as four-year programs that offer students from all majors an opportunity to achieve professional-level (Interagency Language Roundtable [ILR] Level 3) language proficiency. Some programs offer a 5th year option. Still others offer “pre-Flagship” classes to jump start students on the Flagship path.

Programs are designed to work in conjunction with students’ majors, allowing them to take classes in any discipline, for example, accounting, history, or political science—in their target foreign language. Through this program, language becomes a critical part of the students’ education because they learn it in the context of their other academic interests. After completing the Domestic Flagship Program and achieving an ILR Level 2 (Advanced proficiency), students apply to the Flagship Overseas Capstone program for direct enrollment and overseas internships.

All Flagship programs provide:

  • Weekly group and individual tutoring
  • Integrated content-based instruction and courses across disciplines
  • Immersive learning environments, such as language houses
  • Cultural functions and events, which compel students to use and improve their language
  • The expectation of student success, including the goal of professional level proficiency and "Flagship Certification"

 The Language Flagship provides the opportunity for you to develop cultural and language expertise that will help you set career goals for the competitive global environment. To find out about how to take part in a Flagship program, please go to to find out more.

Joining Flagship

If you are interested in applying directly to a current Flagship program? You can find the current list of Flagship institutions on our website:

 Selecting a Flagship Program

1. Review the languages supported by The Language Flagship.
2. After selecting a language, choose a Language Flagship institution program that offers your desired language. You may want to look at the individual campus websites to find out more about the various degree programs offered. This will help you in deciding which school and Flagship program(s) would be the best fit for you.
3. Contact the Flagship program(s) selected, and let them know you are interested! Many of the institutions have pre-Freshman programs that can provide a jumpstart to your language studies.
4. Check the college admissions’ and Flagship program’s deadlines and prepare applications to both the university and the Flagship program of choice. (Although you must enroll in or be enrolled in a U.S. Flagship institution to be eligible for participation in a Flagship program, you can apply to the Flagship program and the university of your choice at the same time.)
5. Once accepted into the university, notify the Flagship program of admission. They can guide you through your path to the Flagship program.


What kinds of jobs require foreign language skills? There are worlds of opportunities that will open up for you should you decide to dedicate your time and attention to the study of a foreign language.

If your goal is future government service, over 80 federal agencies rely on professionals with high-level foreign language skills. In addition, an increasing number of U.S. businesses are working internationally and need employees who can both communicate in foreign languages and understand other cultures. Senior executives have identified the lack of language skills as an enormous barrier to increasing American participation in overseas markets and have recognized language acquisition and cultural competence as critical assets for businesses.

Below are careers that become open to you with high-level foreign language proficiency:

  • Government: Civil Service, Foreign Service, Intelligence Agencies, and Military
  • Business, Industry, and Commerce: Advertising, Banking, Finance, Engineering, Accounting, Development and Manufacturing
  • International Development: Environmental, Health, and Education
  • Law: Immigration Law, International Trade Law, and Corporate Law
  • Media: Public Relations, Social Media, Television, Film, and Publishing
  • Services: Health Professions, Social Work, Law Enforcement, Volunteer Agencies, and International Development
  • Teaching: Elementary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities, and Overseas Dependents’ Schools
  • Travel and Tourism: Hospitality, Transportation, Hotels, Luxury Brands and Restaurants

Becoming a Global Professional

Your language skills may also make you a standout candidate for scholarships, fellowships, and graduate study. U.S. businesses need multi-lingual employees to compete internationally. Flagship graduates leverage their superior language and cultural skills in various careers, offering intercultural perspectives to employers in federal and state governments, global businesses, and nongovernmental organizations.

Flagship can put you in touch with fellow veterans who are Flagship graduates to help you transition from military service to the academic rigors of Flagship. They understand the military and Flagship, and can help you understand how the language and culture training Flagship provides can augment your service and education experience.